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Mineral Concrete Hardener


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Mineral Concrete Hardener




Colored Mineral Floor Hardener


  • Impact resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fast application
  • Wide range of colors



Mineral Concrete Hardener is a pre-mixed, colored mineral concrete hardener. It consists of high strength cement, selected quartz aggregates, special additives and pigments. By spreading and mechanical incorporation into the fresh concrete creates smooth, monolithic floors with reduced porosity and wear resistance.



Mineral Concrete Hardener is suitable for:

  • Warehouses and industrial areas
  • Loading and unloading areas
  • Shopping centers and corridors
  • Residences and hotels of modern industrial architecture
  • Constructions where wear durable and wear resistance floor are requirement


Application Procedure


The characteristics of concrete determine the ultimate strength of the industrial floor. It is recommended to use standard strength classes eg. C20/25 or C25/30 etc. using superplasticizers to ensure optimum quality and workability


Preparation of the mix


Spread Mineral Concrete Hardener in one application, 3 - 5 kg/m2 on the fresh concrete after screeding. Then power float repeatedly in order to achieve the final finish. For manual application spread onto the screeded concrete in 2 stages. First stage with 2/3 of the total amount and second stage 1/3. For final finishing, to close the pores and remove undulation achieved either by hand or power trowel.

Mineral Concrete Hardener sealing should begin immediately after finishing, but not earlier than 2 hours using one of the PLANOFINISH AC-S, PLANOFINISH CH or PLANOFINISH CH PLUS. Refer to the corresponding technical data sheet of the products.




One day after applying the Mineral Concrete hardener, the joints are cut 3‐5 mm wide in approximately 20‐25 m^2sections according to the floor design and requirements. Fill the clean joints with a suitable elastomeric mastic.




  • Do not add water to the surfaces where the Mineral Concrete Hardener is to be used
  • Do not apply in conditions of high wind or drought. At humidity levels below 40% efflorescence can appear on the surface. On the contrary, in conditions of increased humidity, above 80%, and low temperatures, bleeding and slower curing can occur.

Minor color variations on the final surface are expected, common and due to the nature of the concrete

  • Small capillary cracks may appear on the final surface. This is typical for all power troweled surfaces and does not adversely affect the floor performance
  • Application should be performed by professional user




This consumption is 3 – 5 kg/m².






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