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Ar Glass Fibers


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Ar Glass Fibers


high zirconia alkali resistant glass fiber for glass fiber reinforced concrete

AR Roving and  AR Chopped Strand  are used for  the production of GRC products and also  for renders,crack control in in-situ concrete. to improve the toughness of  precast  concrete and to reinforce lime-based plasters.

- High-quality alkali-resistant glass fibre containing a high percentage of zirconia (ZrO2), which enhances its resistance to alkali in cement composites

- Can be used as an asbestos replacement

- Available in a variety of strand lengths and sizing to meet specific applications and processing requirements

- Excellent workability characteristics


Large stocks of roving and chopped strand are available for immediate despatch from our IRAN warehouse to Europe and the rest of the world.


Why use AR Glassfibre?

AR Glassfibre is essential for GRC because of its resistance to the high alkalinity levels in cement. The fibres add strength and flexibility to the concrete resulting in a strong yet light-weight end product.

The alkali resistance of Glassfibre depends principally on the content of Zirconia (ZrO2) in the glass. The AR Glass fibre supplied by Fibre Technologies has a minimum zirconia content of 19%, the highest of any commercially available glass fibre.


Why is Zirconia Content Important?

Zirconia is what confers alkali resistance in glass. The higher the zirconia content the better the resistance to alkali attack. AR glassfibre also has excellent acid resistance.



                                Figure 1 shows the relationship between Zirconia content and the alkali resistance of glassfibres.




  Figure 2 illustrates the difference between High Zirconia Alkali Resistant Glass fibres and E-glass fibre when tested in cement.



When purchasing Glassfibre for GRC manufacture or for use with other cementitious systems, always insist on certification showing the Zirconia content.




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